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Kay Bourne passed away on January 31, 2021 after a long life filled with family, friends and the arts.

She was a champion of the underdog and used her voice to shine a light on hundreds (or even thousands) of talented artists, many from Boston's Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods. It's safe to say that almost all of them remember her encouragement to this day.

In 2017, as she was preparing to move, Kay downsized (this is an understatement) and in the process personally organized her sizeable Archives, before donating them to Emerson College. I helped Kay with this herculean task and it was an experience I will never forget.

Along the way, I frequently took some of her items home and scanned them, to make sure there was some kind of record before they were made public by Emerson. Below is a very small fraction of these scans, with a curatorial eye towards artists, people and events that I know she particularly loved and admired.

I will add more to this page as time goes by and will add context and more captions. For now, I wanted to at least start the process and give people another way to celebrate her life.

Long Live Kay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will never forget you.

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Kay and ???, most likely late 1960s. Photographer unknown.

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Kay at work in 2017, surrounded by her Archives and books.

Passage from a Kay Bourne Bay State Banner article, 1971

Kay Bourne 1971 Banner.JPG
Kay Bourne Globe obit Feb 8 2021 P1 JPEG
Kay Bourne Globe obit Feb 8 2021 P2 JPEG

Kay Bourne Archives

Slideshow 1

323 Lounge The Gallery Banner 1976
AAMARP Dana Chandler Calvin Burnett 1977
Alvin Ailey Dance promo late 90s most li
Banner Aug 22 74 Uptown In The Park Ad w
Banner Beantown Music Nuri Jan 1983
Banner complaint Willy Carrington Aug 82
Barbara Barrow Murray photo holding Emmy
Beverly Mahone WILD WCAS Oct 1981 banner
Black African Womens Day Feb 14 1971 Bos
Blackbyrds Seasons Greetings card inside
Boston Negro Artists 1971 calendar front
Butterball Jr Betty Wright photo year un
Cab Calloway Edward Brooke two others ye
Celebrity Awards Show ballot 1982
Celebrity Awards first annual Oct 1980 S
Celebrity Awards third annual Oct 82 pro
City Beat full group promo
Club 51 Tony Rose Prince Charles flyer M
Collectives Exhibit Pianocraft June July
Cornel West and Calvin Burnett year loca
Crite 74th bday 1984 Banner
Crite Say Brother WGBH 1985 - CROPPED
Crite letter to Kay Bourne March 1996
Crite photo Don West 1982
Crite wedding program 1995 Reginald Leo
Dana Chandler photo at Banner Party Marc
Daughters of the Dust Coolidge premiere
Dawud Abdallah WNUR Banner Jan 2 1975
Doug E Fresh WILD Banner Sept 86
Kay Bourne Sara Ann Shaw Keith Motley ph

Kay Bourne Archives

Slideshow 2

Arthur Baker first Breakdown column Marc
Dream Nefra April 1992 photo by Kay Bour
Duane Omarr photo 2 by Kay Bourne year u
Electric Company launch flyer 1971
Elite Designers Pagent Sept 13 1981 prog
Elma Lewis and WHO photo Year Unknown KB
Fantasia 82 Yvonne Rose awards front bac
Frankie Crocker Melba Moore 1980 photo
Freeman play Elma Lewis School March 197
Gary Toms suit MCA promo
Gretchen Jackson Banner March 1977 1
Hair Salon photo 1960s I assume Banner f
Harriet Tubman Gallery auction Banner 19
Harriet Tubman House Hi Hat Night run of
Henry Hampton and group of students
Hit City Studio one page flyer 1988
Hypertension bw promo
Kay Bourne article draft Say Brother Aug
Kay Bourne article draft Say Brother Aug
Ray Richardson dies Banner Jan 1971 1
Ray Richardson dies Banner Jan 1971 2
Say Brother Banner July 1969 Parliament
WBUR The Drum Banner Jan 30 1969 Karl Nu
WBUR The Drum ad Banner April 2 1970
WGBH Say Brother timeline 1986 1
WGBH Say Brother timeline 1986 2
WILD Whats Happening Banner article July
WILD Whats Happening Banner article July
WILD moves to Roxbury Banner year unknow
WILD women Banner March 1978

Kay Bourne Archives

Slideshow 3

Roscoe Gorham / Roscoe's

1 Roscoes opening Banner 1981 1
2 Roscoes opening Banner 1981 2
3 Roscoes Grand Reopening invite Feb 198
4 Roscoes 1973 Energetics Louies Hite ad
5 Roscoes 1975 Miss Black Fox program Ju
Roscoes flyer Starr Carla Thomas March 1
Roscoes Paige Academy Banner May 1981 KB
Roscoes Ladies Night invitation
Roscoes Happy Hour flyer year unknown
Roscoes Minnie Gardiner year unknown
Roscoes WCAS DJs year unknown
Roscoes Monday Is Funday flyer
Roscoes Final Edition flyer
Roscoes ad Laura Lee Ted Taylor year unk
Roscoes Frankie Smith flyer
Roscoes Hypertension Thanksgiving flyer.
Roscoes Maxine Brown flyer
Roscoes New Years Carla Thomas poster
Roscoes Ted Taylor flyer
Roscoe Gorham award 1981 or 1982

More to come ...

Stay tuned!