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OUT SEPT 15, 2021


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Curated by Lance VanDyke Salemo, Brian Coleman and David Bieber

Photography & Book Design by Lance VanDyke Salemo


184 Pages, full color interior

Softcover 8.5” x 11” with “french cover flaps”


Co-publishers: David Bieber Archives Publishing / Dignified & Old

Renowned archivist and media insider David Bieber (WBCN, The Boston Phoenix, WFNX) has collected thousands of T-shirts over the past 50 years, from limited-edition film release promos and rock band concert tees, to self-promotional shirts for muffler shops and political campaigns. From this world-class stash, a crew of three brave men chose 150 for this first glimpse into the impressive collection.


Some have been unearthed after four decades in storage; others are more recently acquired. But each of them tells a story. And although the David Bieber Archives is proudly based in Boston, this is not just a Boston book. There are enough local throwbacks to make any Masshole swoon — from the J. Geils Band and Aerosmith antiques to extraordinarily scarce WBCN listener promos — but there are many more T-shirts that are national and international in scope. It’s a selection meant to fuel nostalgia and discussion, and bring smiles with the turn of every page.


This is the first book produced directly from the David Bieber Archives.





“A leading authority [with the] largest collection of pop culture on Earth.”

— Joseph Baldassare, Arthouse 18


‘[The David Bieber Archives is] the Mount Olympus of pop-culture booty.’

— Sensi magazine (Dan McCarthy)


Featuring nearly two million authentic artifacts from the 20th and 21st Centuries, the Boston-based David Bieber Archives is a multi-disciplined memorabilia, music and media aggregation that is unlike any other collection in the world.


The Archives is a gigantic, atmospheric sandbox that inspires, informs, excites and connects the dots between the past, present and future of popular culture. From vintage to modern, common to ultra-rare, the Archives is all about preservation, and vividly embodies the mantra, “Save The Stuff You Love!”


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